Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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the Titans

New post, new topic. This blog goes well, I do not give continuity to the arguments, but jump pole bush, because I think in this way, everything becomes more enjoyable and capture more attention. I write about basketball today, I write about sport and emotions related to the sport. I write, or at least I try what it means for me to win, than we feel bad to lose and what it represents for me a basketball court.

And I'm forced to tell this far away from last season with Aurora76 completed by the splendid victory in the final and winning the Serie D.

win this year gave me an enormous sense of liberation, made me realize that those who say that if we believe we can succeed, well they are right, and the beauty is that you do not know how and when you can, but you can, maybe just when you least expect it.

Ever since I started playing basketball (until the seventh grade I played soccer) that I have always heard from my professors and some coaches that I would not have done, that I was either too small or too thin. I brought things like: "ah, go to basketball, BE is a good way to do some 'movement' when in fact for me this sport is everything. For years after these phrases reappear, return to the surface and finally you can catch and throw behind their backs. It does not happen like in the movies that make you see the action slowed down and the memories resurface, but after everything happens, it happens after the party, it happens the day after the victory when you're alone with your thoughts and look back and think how many people tried to dissuade you from doing what you like (out of jealousy, envy or ignorance), but also how many people you have supported. Winning was like tear down that wall of negative words, it was clear as a ghost that I carried shoulders.

In a sporting career, whatever the level, you learn two things: first, that every opportunity should be exploited, and that does not exist the idea of \u200b\u200b"well, we'll do next year." The second is that, as the saying goes Indian (Native American): "Do not judge anyone until you've walked in his shoes."

The victory we have achieved as a group this year was not born this year but it's been a long four years, made up of victories and defeats, painful exit from the playoffs after dreaming of great things. This victory came by a path also staff of each learning from their mistakes, in having patience and know to be together despite everything, despite the little squabbles and misunderstandings. I tried with the words, and perhaps also by example to get across the concept of the "here and now", or not to think ahead, to play every game as if it were the last, reminding everyone that does not happen very often can win a championship.

is why, at least for me, this victory is in addition to proving that I made as an individual, primarily a victory for the group. I watched the faces of my teammates just finished race 2 and see the smiles, tears, joy was one of the strongest feelings I've ever lived, because these guys have shared four years of expectations and difficult to heal wounds. And peering into their eyes that light that seemed to say: "Shit I did it" does not really equal.

The merit of the group was to remain united and determined even after the terrible defeat in the playoffs, where everybody could decide to make their own way without much regret, but something has kept the team together, and I think that some steps have been thinking of winning for their country and their friends.

And then to put everything on the plate, I must not forget luck (this is because of luck) to have found selfless people, but not guys who played on Friday were the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave. People able to celebrate a victory and a defeat and play down ready to support someone in the field and beyond. And from this I learned that to win in addition to having the talent to be put in place, we need a close-knit group, united, ready to joke and immediately ready to take the field to make the "war".

To close, when you put up a project to win something, the factors to consider are nearly endless, because it is not simply to take the field once week and put the ball in the basket, but the basketball like every other sport is much, much more.

I learned a lot from this group in the picture, I learned patience and the will to get up, I realized that the differences should not be canceled but simply channeled the same goal, I have learned to live every practice and every game as an improvement, I also learned that there is much more important than basketball and this is perhaps the greatest teaching of the whole story.

end this post I need to thank everyone, but really everyone who believed in this victory, given that maybe I could not say it face to face this is my way to say thank you!


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